Table of Contents

Information Bank

Unit conversion

Formula Reference

Periodic Table

Element Properties (by symbol)

Molecule Properties  (pubmed lecture notes)

Customize your molecule properties! (use with above)

Electron Configuration

Hunds Rule 


Part 1: Fundamentals

Unit Conversion

Unit Conversion Practice

Alkali Metals

Alkaline Earth Metals

Transition Metals




Noble Gases

Chemistry: Fundamentals 

Chemistry: Fundamentals Practice  3 Q&A

The Geiger–Marsden Experiment Part 1

The Geiger–Marsden Experiment Part 2

The Nucleus 

The Nucleus Practice 

Subatomic Particles 

Subatomic Particles Practice   


Moles Practice


Stoichiometry Practice

Chemical Reactions

Chemical Reactions Practice

Limiting Reagents

Limiting Reagents Practice

Percent Yield 

Percent Yield Practice

Compound Composition

Compound Composition Practice

Empirical & Molecular Formulas Major BUG in Mathematica 

Empirical & Molecular Formulas Practice Major BUG in Mathematica 


Part 2: Electrons 

Electrons: Quantum Properties

Electron Configuration Lecture

Discovery of Spin (Stern Gerlac Experiment)

Stern Gerlac API

Orbitals Animation

Electron Configuration Practice

Periodic Table: Trends 

Periodic Table: Trends Practice


Isotopes Practice

Relative Abundance 

Relative Abundance Practice


Half-Life Practice

Nuclear Decay 

Nuclear Decay Practice

Electromagnetic Radiation 

Electromagnetic Radiation Practice

Part 3: Bonds 


Covalent Bonds

2-3 Atoms single bond pairs

4 Atoms single bond pairs

Covalent Bonds Practice

Ionic Bonds

Ionic Bonds Practice

Polarity & Dipoles 

Polarity & Dipoles Practice 

Metallic and Macromolecular Bonds

Metallic and Macromolecular Bonds Practice 

Orbital Hybridization 

Orbital Hybridization Practice 

Intermolecular Forces 

Molecular Geometry

Structures Practice

Surface Tension 

Surface Tension Practice

Part 4: Thermodynamics and Gases 

Specific Heat

Specific Heat Practice

Phases of Matter 

Phases of Matter Practice 


Thermodynamics practice 

Gas Laws 

Gas Laws Practice 

Partial Pressure 

Partial Pressure Practice 

Colligative Properties 

Colligative Properties Practice 

Boiling Point Elevation & Freezing Point Depression No Data in Mathematica 

Boiling Point Elevation & Freezing Point Depression Practice No Data in Mathematica 

Part 5 : Concentrations, Acids & Bases 


Solubility Practice 


Dilution Practice

Chemical Equilibrium needs update

Chemical Equilibrium Practice needs update

Redox Reactions needs update

Redox Reaction Practice

Net Ionic & Complete Ionic Equations

Net Ionic & Complete Ionic Equations Practice 


Electrochemistry Practice 

Acids, Bases, & pH

Acids, Bases, & pH Practice


Titration Practice

Part 6: Molecular Dynamics & Simulations 

Random Walks 


Fluid Dynamics

VR Simulations 

AR Simulations

Supplemental Information

Atomic Structure